The Custom-Made Cost



Shopping online for anything can be frustrating. Finding the right store, brand, size, and even color can be enough to make even the most patient person want to their phone or computer across the room and abort the whole operation. Shopping for a custom closet system can seem just as discouraging, but it doesn’t have to be. Unlike shopping for clothes, toys, or household items, shopping for a custom closet system is personal and unique to you and your style and needs. When shopping for a closet system online, consider it a journey to a more organized, peaceful lifestyle rather than just another big home purchase.

Whether you’ve created and purchased a custom system before or it is a new experience for you, it’s always best to find a reputable company to work with. Most companies that deal with custom online orders will offer free in-home consultations (If not advertised, ASK!). During your consultation, a representative will take the information you have already submitted to them through their website regarding the type/size of closet you have, type of material you might want to use, and any additional features and use them towards a final estimate. The in-home consultation is imperative and necessary when purchasing a custom closet system, for a very simple reason: it will be custom-made to fit your space. There are several things the designer will not know about your space unless he/she has the opportunity to see it. While in your home, the designer will want to take final measurements of the space, check for uneven walls or floors, note the type of flooring your new system will be installed on, and anything else he/she sees necessary that may impact the design. Following the consultation, the designer should present you with a detailed proposal, along with initial drawings, and final costs for all portions of your project.

The Next Step

Now, that you’ve seen your project come to life on paper, don’t be discouraged by the price tag. Remember, this is your design, catered to your needs. If the price tag doesn’t fit your budget, there’s no need to panic; take a step back, take a deep breath, and reach back out to your designer. When shopping for a custom closet system, it’s always important to be able to work with people you trust to know you and what you need and can afford. This way, if issues ever arise, you will feel comfortable communicating with him/her to make adjustments. In the case your budget calls for some design adjustments, keep in mind there are various components that go into a custom design cost estimate. Ultimately, the cost of a system is dependent upon its overall complexity. Broken down, some other factors include materials, door/drawer styles, hardware choices, finishes, colors, and accessories. The actual design features you choose will also affect your overall price (i.e. drawers vs shelving). When it comes to having to cut costs, discuss your concerns with your designer. Think about what you may be a luxury vs what is a “must have.” Convey your needs, along with your budget and your designer will be able to help you adjust your project accordingly. Perhaps you can make a change in material, as systems can be made not only in wood, but MDF, laminate, wire, or even a mixture of materials which would affect the cost. Hardware and door styles vary in price, as well.

 In Conclusion…

When it’s time to shop for a custom closet system, keep your stress-level low and your hopes high by finding a reputable company with top designers and installers who will help bring your vision to life without emptying your pockets.

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