Maximize Your Sleep Space and Eliminate Clutter with These Organizing and Storage Designs!

With all the chaos and stress that life can bring, who wouldn’t want a beautiful, relaxing getaway every night to unwind and recharge? While you may not be able to jet-set back and forth to the Bahamas each night, you can still indulge in private serenity right in your own home, in your own room, by utilizing storage designs for organizing tough areas and small spaces. These seven creative ideas will help you maximize storage, minimize clutter, and create the perfect bedroom oasis.


1. Build Floor to Ceiling:

 In any given room, wall space is usually greater than floor space, so why not use it for more than just pictures and mirrors? Wall units, shelves and overhead cabinets can provide just as much storage as a traditional dresser, but take up little to no floor space. Arranging built-in shelves and cabinets from floor to ceiling near and/or surrounding your headboard will allow you to keep everything within reach and able to eliminate nightstands, further increasing your floor space.

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2. De-clutter That Closet:

Whether you have a messy, disorganized walk-in closet or a small, overflowing reach-in closet, investing in a practical, reliable closet organizer system is essential if you want to increase storage capacity. In many spaces, a well-designed closet system may even give way to more main floor space by providing the storage a traditional dresser would. A quality closet system will not only allow you more storage space, but it will afford you a feeling of peace and serenity when you no longer have to go rummaging through a disorganized mess.


3. Drawer Organizers:

Gone are the days of the junk drawer (well, in your bedroom, anyway)! Drawer dividers can increase the storage capacity of your drawers while keeping them neat and organized. You can even make your own “filing system” and divide your items up accordingly for quicker access. Many drawer organizers are even adjustable, while others come in standard sizes to fit most drawers. If you do not have or want to do away with a jewelry box, but still want to protect your precious possessions, you even have the option of a jewelry drawer organizer.

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4. Store it Under the Bed:

Why leave room for a monster when there’s all that space for storage? Built-in drawers and under-bed boxes add storage space without taking up any additional floor space in your bedroom. Large, flat inexpensive containers that fit underneath the bed are available from most home improvement stores. However, consider the more functional, attractive option: the captain’s bed. A captain’s bed is a bed frame that has storage drawers built right into the design, allowing access to the drawers on either side of the bed. This is the much more convenient option, as you are simply utilizing the otherwise empty space as a dresser and not sliding boxes in and out from under the bed.


5. Add an Armoire:

Need to increase storage in your closet but don’t have anymore closet space? Consider adding an armoire or wardrobe to give you the space you need. Armoires/wardrobes offer drawers, shelves, and a space for hanging clothes, all behind closed doors. They can be custom-made to fit any height, depth, and design or picked out and purchased at most furniture stores. Armoires/wardrobes can even take the place of a closet, should you perhaps decide to turn your office, garage, or basement into a bedroom some day. They are a beautiful, practical addition to any room.

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6.  Leave No Space Behind:

If your room is outlined in odd-angled walls, pointed ceilings, or irregular window cut-outs, chances are that these walls have been left empty because they are difficult to outfit with storage. Don’t waste this odd space! Maximize it and increase your storage potential like you never thought possible. In most cases, rooms such as these will benefit from custom cabinetry and shelving. Utilizing every nook and cranny to avoid using open floor space will help keep the room looking and feeling open and organized. Rooms with large windows can have added storage in the form of a bench seat under the window, giving the room a relaxing ascetic appeal.


7. Kids Need Room, Too:

All children need a place to play inside. Often times, that place is their bedroom. Why not maximize their play area during the day by eliminating the space taken up by a traditional bed? For older children, a loft bed is a fun and convenient option, allowing access to a dresser, desk, toy box, or any type of storage solution, as well as the bed at the same time. On the other hand, to keep the storage you want and organization you need, but with a bed closer to the ground, consider a wall bed. Wall beds, also known as Murphy beds, tuck away when not in use to open up the floor space. They are a reliable, dependable, and safe alternative to a traditional mattress and box spring that offers functionality unlike any other bed solution. They come in twin, full, and queen sizes.

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