Special Features

Want something that is yours alone? Bring your ideas to one of our designers to create the perfect solution that boldly makes a unique statement.  Have you ever thought about adding some special features to your house, such as a wine cellar, or a wall bed?  Let us know what you have in mind and we can make your ideas comes to life.

WALL BEDS: Do you dream of a home office or playroom, but can’t sacrifice the guest bedroom? Wall beds are the perfect way to create a multi-use space without sacrifice. A wall bed can turn any room into a bedroom and we can turn any wall bed into a beautiful element in any room.

WINE CELLARS: For avid wine collectors, there comes a point when a collection calls for more than your average wine rack. In such cases, graduating to a full home wine cellar provides an abundance of storage as well as an eye-catching way to entertain. Create a design as unique as your collection and proudly showcase your custom wine cellar.

ROLLING LADDERS: If you want an easy way to access upper shelves or unused high cabinets, this is the solution. An attractive and elegant way to add utility to libraries, dens, offices, wine cellars, kitchens, pantries, garages, closets, storage spaces and more.

home library with rolling ladder